Analysis on slide of MM from group A to D

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Analysis on slide of MM from group A to D

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:20 pm

MM aged now 41 yrs. Was once ruled group A ,collapsed slowly to group D now. what are the reason contributed for slide. lets try for analysis.

MM alias Milky
Age 41
Boobs size - 34B
Directly entered to Group A in 2004, reached peak in 2006 January. MM was in Top 10 in Group A.
MM pictures from 1992 to 2017.
MM pictures is having huge collection. More than ten thousand pictures and 600 video clippings.
MM has fans aged from 18 to 69 still.
MM fans spread from small town Kolar to international countries like US, UK etc.
MM known for her nipple expose always form 1992.
MM expose reached peak in 2004, 2005, 2006. Easily clear evidence of pictures are available to prove she exposed 97% of days. Means 97 out 100 days she exposed her boobs.
MM looks good / glamours in saree, Chudi with square neck and short sleeve etc.
MM looks too good mini skirt as per picture of 1992 -1993.

Reasons for collapse
MM started very conservative from 2007 onwards
MM dress sense is very poor. plus size dress is big draw back till today
MM wears most plus size dress, due to which her body shapes and curves is not exposed.
Consistency is big issue with MM
Even though her few friends like name starting with H and J, expressed indirectly for lunch or to meet out some place. She did not materialize till date
Inactive in social networking online like FTG Forum
No mentoring or write-ups, even though she has experience
MM is best in saree, but she wears very rarely saree.
Mm unable to present her properly
MM lacks confidence on herself
MM does not move with friends family parties
Many MM earlier team mates are waiting for invite form Mm to met her outside. MM sucks totally to read them.

will be continued.......


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